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Many challenges to ITS deployment remain. These include the evolving roles and responsibilities among jurisdictions in ITS policy development and operations, competing priorities for scarce resources, little private investments, limited ITS expertise among transportation agencies, a lack of understanding of ITS benefits, and poor visibility of ITS projects.

As a result, in the spring of 2003, the ICI was launched. This was a multi-year project to test a new approach for accelerating the deployment of ITS technologies, products, and services along major California corridors. As part of the Initiative, the ICI partners issued a call for submissions for demonstration projects. The unique feature of the CFS was that no funds were exchanged between the public and private partners. Instead the public sector offered access to rights-of-way and data in exchange for real time information that was generated during the demonstrations, and a chance to test new technologies and ideas.

[ Download/View ICI Call for Submissions ]

The ICI demonstration projects were also provided an opportunity to be showcased in conjunction with the 2005 ITS World Congress held in San Francisco, California. The ITS World Congress is the largest annual international event focusing on technology solutions for improving surface transportation safety and efficiency.

The ICI demonstrated a unique public-private partnership between state and regional government agencies and the private sector. The Initiative brought together these groups in an effort to: 1) examine a new model for public private partnerships; 2) gain access to better real-time information that could enhance safety and transportation management; 3) deploy projects which demonstrate services that make travel easier and safer, and allow the public to make more informed decisions about their travel plans; and 4) accelerate the deployment of ITS technologies throughout California.

Seven private sector companies entered into public-private agreements with the ICI governmental partners to test eight self-financed pilot projects in Northern and Southern California. Some of these projects included: wireless technology that generates real-time traffic data which can be accessed in a vehicle, communicated between vehicles or with surrounding infrastructure; wireless traffic systems to monitor traffic and ramp metering; personalized travel and route information for travelers that includes directions, alternative routes, and parking availability; speed sensors to monitor traffic flow; and websites and television programming that provide real-time traffic information and forecasted roadway speeds.

Private sector project partners were:

Cicumnav Networks, Inc. (now Dash Navigation, Inc.), in partnership with Caltrans District 4 and MTC

[ Download/View Dynamic Route Advisory System Description Here ]

ENCOM Wireless Communications, in partnership with Caltrans District 7

[ Download/View Wireless Data Solutions Description Here ]

InfoTek Associates, in partnership with Caltrans Districts 4 and 7

[ Download/View Intelligent Loop Detector (ILD) Here ]

NAVTEQ, in partnership with MTC

[ Download/View Bay Area Web Congestion Mapping and Traffic Forecasting Description Here ]

NAVTEQ, in partnership with Caltrans District 4

[ Download/View Description Here ]

Outreach, in partnership with MTC

[ Download/View Bay Area Web Congestion Mapping and Traffic Forecasting Description Here ]

SpeedInfo, in partnership with Caltrans District 4

[ Download/View Speed Sensor Demonstration Here ]

Tele Atlas North America, Inc., in partnership with MTC

[ Download/View TV511 Demonstration Description Here ]

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Project Partners

California Department of Transportation

Metropolitan Transportation Commission in the San Francisco Bay Area

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Intelligent Transportation Society of America

ITS World Congress

California Center for Innovative Transportation

Please see our publication: Accelerating Deployment & Commercialization of ITS Technologies: California's Innovative Corridors Initiative presented at the 2004 ITS World Congress in Nagoya, Japan