Let A Stranger Drive Your Car? More Owners Say 'Yes'

It would be difficult for some people to let a stranger drive off with one of their most valuable possessions. But not for Stanford graduate student Katie Hagey.

Hagey is one of a growing number of individual car owners who have started renting their wheels to people they don't know through car-sharing startup companies resembling the better-known Zipcar.

Hagey makes an extra $150 a month by renting out her car via Wheelz, a Silicon Valley car-sharing startup. Wheelz allows Hagey to name a price for others to "borrow" her silver BMW when it would otherwise be sitting unused in a campus parking lot.

"This was a great option to at least slow the hemorrhaging of money that is business school," Hagey says. She's so happy about the extra cash, she doesn't even mind when people adjust her seats or her stereo.

"One time the seat was really low and it was playing rap, like really, really loud," Hagey says. "I thought that was pretty comical because this isn't really a riding-low kind of car — it's a chick sedan."

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