Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Infrastructure

IMR is expanding its research to include alternative fuel vehicles and their infrastructure because of the important role they will play in reducing harmful air pollutants created by vehicle exhaust emissions.  Additionally, utilizing alternative fuels can decrease our dependence on imported fossil fuels.  IMR is conducting research on hydrogen-fueled vehicles and what these vehicles can mean for the California Hydrogen Highway Network.

Near-Term Transportation Energy and Climate Change Strategies

The uncertainty of climate policy adoption outside of California has created new challenges for public agencies and private industries seeking to meet the State's commitment to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as articulated in California's Global Warming Solutions Act (Assembly Bill 32). This project will synthesize and evaluate trends in transportation-climate issues for personal transportation and freight to identify emerging opportunities, lessons learned from local and regional initiatives, as well as uncertainties and obstacles. Following this analysis, researchers will identify and develop a road map/framework for near-term transportation and energy measures that transportation agencies might effectively pursue to reduce GHG emissions. Finally, researchers will examine climate change terminology in the context of sustainable transportation to better understand the best framework for marketing mitigation strategies to the public and decision makers including: economic opportunities (e.g., fuel and time savings, investment opportunities and jobs); energy security; and quality of life.

TRB_Plug-In-Vehicle Battery Second Life_Integrating Grid Energy-Storage Value

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UCB_Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

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PIER_Plug-In Vehicle Battery Second Life Workshop

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