Project Description

Innovative Mobility Research (IMR) tracks and analyzes international carsharing and station car trends.  These trends include factors that contribute to the success of shared-use vehicle organizations, societal and environmental impacts, and key issues critical to this emerging industry, such as insurance, low-emission vehicles, and electronic and wireless technologies.  The California Department of Transportation and DaimlerChrysler have sponsored much of this research.

By keeping a pulse on the international shared-use vehicle community, IMR seeks to provide valuable information to service providers, policymakers and other stakeholders (i.e., transit providers, community groups, automobile manufactures, electronic and cellular industries, and insurance companies).  

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United States Carsharing Operations

Buffalo CarShare: Buffalo, NY

Car to Go: Aspen, CO

car2go: CA; District of Columbia; TX

CarShare Vermont: Burlington, VT

CityCarshare: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Community Car: Madison: WI

CuseCar: Syracuse, NY

Dancing Rabbit Vehicle Cooperative: Rutledge, MO

e-GO CarShare: Boulder, CO

FunRide: San Luis Obispo, CA

Hertz on Demand: CA; CO; District of Columbia; FL; IL; MA; NC; NJ; NY; TX

HourCar: Minneapolis, MN

I-Go Car Sharing: Chicago, IL

Ithaca Carshare: Ithaca, NY index.html

LAXCarShare: Los Angeles, CA

Mint: Cars On-demand: NYC, NY

Missoula Urban Demonstration Project Truck Share Program: Missoula, MT

Occasional Car Club: Denver, CO

PATS Carshare: San Jose, CA

PhillyCarShare: Philadelphia, PA

Smart Commuter Options of Today (SCOOT): Kitsap, WA


UHaulCarShare: CA; MA; ME; OR; PA; UT; VA

WeCar: CA; LA; MO; NC; TN: html

Zero Emission Vehicle Network Enabled Transport (ZEV-NET), University of California, Irvine: (Research) Irvine, CA

Zipcar: AZ; CA; CT; District of Columbia; FL; GA; IL; ME; MD; MA;MI; NH; NJ; NM; NY; NC; OR, PA; RI; TN; VT; VA; WA; WI

Canadian Carsharing Operations

AutoShare: Toronto, ON

Calgary Carshare: Calgary, AB

car2go: Vancouver, BC

Carshare HFX: Halifax, Nova Scotia html

CommunAuto: Quebec, Montreal, Sherbrooke, Gatineau

GO2 Carshare Cooperative: Smithers, BC

Grand River Carshare & Hamilton Carshare: Kitchener, ON

Green Earth Coop: Kingston, ON

Guelph Community Car Co-op: Guelph, ON

Hertz on Demand: Calgary, AB; Edmonton, AB

Kootenay Carshare: Nelson, ON

Modo: Vancouver, BC

Nanaimo Carshare Cooperative: Nanaimo, BC

Options for Cars: Greater Toronto Area, ON

Peg City Car Co-op: Winnipeg, MB

Regina Car Share Co-operative: Regina, SK

Victoria Car Share Co-op: Victoria, BC

Vrtucar: Ottawa, ON

Zipcar: Toronto, ON

European Carsharing Operations

BayreuthMobil: Germany

Cambio: Aachen, Bielefeld, Bremen, Bremerhaven, Koln, and Saarbruken, Germany

Green Wheels: Germany

Mobility Carsharing: Switzerland

National Carshare: Britain

Stadtmobil: Germany

Stattauto: Germany

Teil Carsharing: Germany

Carsharing Inventories

Car Sharing Canada

CarSharing Network

Car Plus: The Car Club Network

Easy Earth

World Carshare